Eight business icons who found success after 30

 Early success in the business world is quite a rarity. In most cases, it takes many years to make a mark for oneself in the industry. Here are some of the famous business icons who rose to success only after 30:

  1. Jeff Bezos

Jeff’s initial vision of Amazon was that of an online bookstore. He founded the e-commerce website at the age of 31. Amazon has now become a global superstar. The site is perceived to be the go-to online store for anything and everything, and the 54-year-old is now one of the world’s wealthiest men.

  1. William Lever

In the year 1886, Lever co-founded a soap manufacturing company alongside his brother and named it the Lever Brothers. William was 35 years old when he took up this venture. Their business has now grown into the million dollar consumer goods organisation, Unilever.

  1. Reid Hoffman

On having failed in this SocialNet venture, Hoffman landed a job at PayPal, where he brushed up his entrepreneurial skills while simultaneously working on LinkedIn, his next venture. Hoffman though did not begin anything until after his 30th birthday. In his early life he worked as a trees lopper to make ends meet.

  1. Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey was a single teen mother born and raised in a low-income family in Mississippi. Working for a minimum wage as a carpet cleaner to make ends meet while young. When she turned 32, her first opportunity to get on board the television industry of the USA came her way. Her first talk show aired nationwide, and this was just the beginning to what would eventually become a media empire.

  1. Doris Fisher

Fisher features in the list of top 100 most powerful women by Forbes for having co-founded Gap along with her late husband at the age of 37. The retail store later expanded and brought under its umbrella Old Navy and the Banana Republic.

  1. Tim Westergren

The founder of Pandora, Tim was just over 35 when his whole world changed. From being a failed musician, a part-time composer, a Nanny and a hippy to embarking on an entrepreneurial venture, Tim came a long way. The 35-year-old was met with a lot of challenges as he couldn’t pay salaries for two years. Although he started Pandora at 35, it didn’t become an e-radio channel until he turned 37. The company started off as a hardware company that enabled stores to play music.

  1. Jack Ma

With nil experience in coding, Jack began his venture of setting up Alibaba at the age of 35. At 31, he started his first ever internet organisation, called China Yellow Pages followed by Alibaba at 35. Similar to Amazon, Alibaba too did not make any profit in its first three years.

  1. Masaru Ibuka

The founder of the household name for electrical and electronics, Sony, was 38 when the idea blossomed in his mind. Even though he left the company in the year 1976, he remained an eminent advisory until he passed way in the year 1998.